About the ExamineScience Project

I want you to go on a journey with me.

We’re going to boldly look at evolution, creation, and our faith to see just what the limits are. Hopefully, by the time we are done, we’ll discover just a little piece of the truth. If I can somehow manage that, I will be so grateful. I’m not concerned about what that truth will be. Since I believe in God, I expect that he will be at the center of that truth.


To be effective on this journey, we’ll have to break out of the shell of Christian denial. You see, I’ve realized an unsettling truth, particularly about fundamentalist and evangelical Christians:

Christians have a long history of dismissing or even censuring science when it doesn’t automatically suite our needs.

In my final paper for my master’s degree (MA Religion, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary*, 2013), I wrote that someone in power within Christianity needs to engage science instead of trying to make it fit inside our reading of history. We need to let the scientific record stand on its own and see what nature tells us about God (Romans 1:20).

Having waited a few years and seen the result of my hopes dim in the wake of the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate, I realized that there is nothing stopping me from doing this research myself, not that I’m the only one conducting research on this issue. That truth goes for you too. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to study the issue of evolution and creation. It takes someone who wants to learn!

Simply put: I want to know if evolution is real or not. Of course, it doesn’t take Steven Hawking to know that my goal is anything but simple. My desire is to take everything we know in Christian study of Genesis chapter one and everything that we know in the field of evolutionary science and compare them. I want to know if I can help my kids prepare a defense so that they don’t just have to blindly accept what science teachers tell them, unless we find out that what teachers tell them is truth.

A research project of this magnitude will take a long time…maybe the rest of my life. For now, however, with a steady income from my military career, some spare money from freelance writing jobs, and spare time I can find here and there, I’m going to start. We’ll just have to see what this becomes over time.

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*Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary is now named, Liberty University School of Divinity.