About the Author

As I sit down to write this section, I am asking myself what someone would want to know about me? I suppose that, at a job interview, someone might say, “Dan, what are you all about? What makes you ‘you’?”

What makes me Dan is my family. I love my family like you wouldn’t believe. My wife Alicia and I have been married 15 years and we are crazy about each other. She’s a great mom to our three kids and a great wife to me. My kids are totally cool…most of the time. We have one boy and two girls. We also have a female cat named Midnight and a male guinea pig named Chunk. He is no help. I promise you, I’m outnumbered.

Our middle child, the oldest daughter, has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that you can learn more about by clicking this link on our old CF blog. That link will talk to you about the CF Foundation and provide links for it’s main “about CF” material.

Finally, my faith, as small as it is most of the time, defines who I am. It makes me act the way I act and lead the way I lead and it makes me the family man that I am. I am a constant failure to the savior, but I rest relatively easy knowing that he has secured me eternally.

I consider myself a minister-at-large and a freelance writer. I preached on occasion at a local hospital chapel, and I help out with Bible studies on the local military base. My writing has appeared in several publications, such as:

Evangelical Missions Quarterly (Jan 2014)

EFCA Now (June 27, 2014)

EFCA Today (Spring 2016)

Pentecostal Evangel (late 1999)

I’ve also been published in newspapers such as the Sherwood Voice and the Lake County News Sun.

So that’s me…kind of. There’s more of course, but this is what I’ll start with now. Feel free to ask questions or check out the blog to find out more. Thanks for visiting!