Dr. Ken Miller and the Missing Chromosome

by navychristian

A friend of mine suggested I listen to a YouTube video about evolution by Dr. Ken Miller. I had never heard of him before, so I gave it a look (took me too long to agree to that, by the way). Anyway, I listened to it and, if you dare, you can too:

So there are four points about the video I want to point out. First, Dr. Miller calls himself a believer in God toward the end. I thought that was most intriguing, though I had heard of Catholics doing that in the past. I think other non-evangelical sects do that too. Anyway, what I got from that is that it is possible to be a Christian and believe evolution occurred as a pathway to how we got here. I discuss the flip side of this situation in point four.

This leads me to point two. If evolution occurred, and if the 48 verses 46 chromosome issue is a fact (I’m still researching it), and if God does exist, then at what point did he first talk to humans? Was Lucy (Australopithecus Afarensis) God’s friend? What about Neanderthal? Or just Homo Sapiens like Abraham? This is a working thesis of mine, but it’s taking so long to develop it that I’m afraid it’s going to burn on the back burner where I’m letting it simmer way too long.

Third, and this actually struck me earlier in the video, he speaks about losing a pair of chromosomes. I appreciate him looking into it enough to realize that we didn’t just lose the chromosomes. In fact, any time a person is born without a Chromosome, it’s called monosomy, which is how we get females with Turner’s Syndrome. Humans can be born with an extra chromosome as well, and that is called trisomy, which is what causes Down’s Syndrome.

I’ve always held that mutations are bad, however they occur in nature. My daughter’s disease (cystic fibrosis) is a prime example. There is nothing good about the disease, yet plenty good about the individual (Samantha). In our quest for understanding science and the Bible, we cannot just assume that the chromosome issue (or genetics in general) has an easy answer or that it fits easily in the overall story. Dr. Miller is correct on that issue, though it was on of his least-labored points.

Fourth, Dr. Miller also inadvertently brings up the issue I’m most concerned about. In this one video, he purports to essentially destroy intelligent design and prove that we are descendants of apes. Yet at the end he calls himself a Catholic and believes in a God that wouldn’t mislead us. This seems to be the ultimate contradiction. It’s also one of the reasons I am very close to closing the door on the Gap Theory…it looks like a doctrine that would come from a God trying to trick us.

But what kind of God does Dr. Miller believe in then? And who is this god? The God I believe in led his original followers to write about him in a way that made him out to be the creator of everything. Dr. Miller’s god does not seem to be this being.

Of course my research is not complete. Dr. Miller’s argument, though seemingly rock solid, is but one area of research for me. Until next time…