Status of the Book

by Navy Christian

I wrote a few months ago that I was writing a book. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I do have a working title now. Guess what??? It’s called, Examine Science! I know, right?

Actually, the full title is, “Examine Science: A Father’s Journey into Science and the Bible.”

The title speaks to the fact that, when this started, I simply wanted to find out what science had to do with the Bible. I started where I was…cystic fibrosis. My first examination was to discover that cystic fibrosis has been around longer than Ussher thinks we’ve been on earth.

A cool title isn’t all that I’ve done. Aside from doing a good amount of research on cystic fibrosis (found in great detail on this blog), Lucy (Australopithecus Afarensis), and the age of the earth, just to name a few things.

Oh, and I typed upwards of 16,000 words. Yeah…that. I had another 7-8 thousand words too, but I’ve cut it and started developing it into a different book. My word count equals approximately 60 double-spaced pages.

My goal is 50,000 words, so I’ve got a considerable amount of writing to accomplish. I’m in no real rush either. Examine Science won’t be an epic, 150,000 word monster, but I do want it to be fairly comprehensive as a primer in Christian research. My goal finishing date is the end of my time on USS Hue City (CG 66), sometime next summer. I plan to polish it early during my next tour and then get published. My main focus this year is still periodicals, but I’m progressing on this as well.

This brings us to the issue. I keep setting the book aside, and this blog for that matter, because I’m scared no one is going to publish this book. I have enough rejection slips as it is. I can’t imagine how many rejections I’m going to garner from this sort of research. Research, mind you, that the rest of the world has already accomplished and much of the more “liberal” church denominations already accept. Yet I’m awful concerned it will be laughed out of the room.

I can publish independently. I’ve done it several times, often for things that I wish I had tried to do traditionally. The plan will undoubtedly be to attempt to publish traditionally and then decide within a year or so if I need to publish independently. Stay tuned!