New Posting Schedule for ExamineScience

by Navy Christian

As things settle out here at the ExamineScience project, I want to proceed with a posting schedule that allows for better writing, better research, and better use of my time. I want to write constantly for this blog, but alas, the full time job is just that. I am able to continue researching the science record on my spare time, but that doesn’t even account for the writing. Anyway, I need to slow down so I can write better.

My goal is to present good research regarding the evolution/creation debate and to do so with as little bias as I can. Going forward, I hope to post in-depth research that will help you in your own research journey.

If you’re interested in writing for ExamineScience, I’m very willing to entertain the idea. Drop me a note at and we’ll get started! Otherwise, I’ll see you every few weeks. Thanks for understanding!