Easter and Evolution

by Navy Christian

Pattaya Day 04 007

Picture of Sunrise Service on board USS Antietam, taken in Pattaya, Thailand. Easter 2009.

Happy Easter! I’m on duty today, but I started my morning with God and it has been a wonderful morning thus far.

I wanted to write today about what evolution means for Easter as I read something about the Scopes Monkey Trial that I found unnerving. William Jennings Bryan, who joined the prosecution in an effort to lend credibility to what was otherwise a small town affair, said the following: “if this evolution doctrine is true, this logic eliminates everything supernatural, and that means they eliminate the virgin birth…the resurrection of the body…and the doctrine of atonement.”

Is that what it really means though? Sometimes I wonder if the answer is yes. I wonder if modern evangelicalism (which replaced, at least in name, fundamentalism of the 1920s) can survive the pressing reality of evolution. I’ve written about it in my book, and I have a post coming about it on this blog, that suggests our faith might be in trouble if Genesis One can’t stand up to the scrutiny of modern science. I’m concerned that Jennings might be right if this is the case.

Yet I’m hopeful…it is spring after all. I am hopeful that our faith in God is stronger than our fears about engaging science. I’m hopeful that God will show us through nature what he planned in our faith. I’m hopeful that we will celebrate Easter in the many years to come as a sign of hope for our coming resurrection, not as a faded memory of a dead faith.

I’m mostly hopeful that evangelicalism as a political voting bloc, will itself fade, replaced by a faith that is willing to engage with science to learn more about the Creator. I think this is possible, and I’m hopeful for that day.

So happy Easter everyone. Praise the Lord for what he has done for us, and may he continue to teach us new things about him every day!