Writing a Book

by Navy Christian

I think I’m always writing a book, or an article, or a blog post. At any given time, I’m writing SOMETHING! My passion for writing comes from my mom, who encouraged me to write when I was a boy when I couldn’t even spell. She saw in me a desire and fostered it. I’ll always be grateful for mom because of that.

As I conduct more research into the facts and fallacies of evolution, creation, and how it all happened, I’ve decided to expand my plans for recording my journey. Yes, I hope that this blog will help people, but I also hope that perhaps I can help people on a wider scale as well through a book on the subject.

It will take a long time to become a recognized expert on this subject, if I ever become one, so the book isn’t coming out any time soon. Still, I wanted you to know, especially since we’re about to embark on research regarding Neanderthal and other extinct “humans,” that there is a wider end game now. Things are getting more real and I am getting more excited!

Stay tuned for more updates as research progresses.