Why I’m not afraid to study Evolution

by Navy Christian

The real question is, “Why aren’t you bold enough to study modern science?” Let me answer the question this way: We are afraid that studying evolution might lead us away from God.

This is hogwash. Either God is real enough, and strong enough, to withstand mankind’s speculation, or he is not the God I believe in. I think he’s the former. Furthermore, I think my faith will come out stronger for learning about the best scientific research available. But here’s the crux of the entire deal: Either my faith is strong enough to withstand the scrutiny of science, or I’m not the Christian I thought I was. This has so very little to do with God’s power and so much to do with my small faith.

Our kids WILL be taught evolution in schools, and it will not be taught as a theory. It will be taught as a continually tested reality. Sometimes the scientists are wrong (as I believe they are in the case of the evolution of cystic fibrosis), but they don’t stop testing.

We fundamentalists think that once they are proven wrong on something that scientists will just give up and accept Christ as savior. We think that one or two failures are enough to convince us that we are right. Neither of those issues work the way we want them to. Scientists don’t quit after a few failures and those failures don’t make us right.

Instead, we have to look at their research. Just like we are all responsible for understanding (to the best of our ability) the Bible, we are also responsible for understanding (again, to the best of our ability), the natural revelation of God in nature as shown in Romans 1:20.

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