Becoming an Expert

by Navy Christian

Stay with me on this one:

So I have an apparently  irreconcilable problem – I’m not an expert scientist. I do not hold degrees in the field of biology, paleontology, physics, or any other field of science. My undergrad is in management and my graduate work was in religion. In the former I learned how to better manage people who worked with and for me and in the latter I learned about religion, specifically Christianity, in greater detail. Furthermore, I got those degrees from lesser-known schools. Oh, Liberty University is known, but not for academic reasons.

At best, I will always be an amateur scientist and theologian. Neither field would actually want to accept my input unless I produce stellar results. The most they would do is maybe…maybe…tolerate me if it is justifiable.

So I’ve concluded that I’m not an expert. What drives me then? Same thing that drives most everyone…my children. I want them to do well in school. I don’t want them confused or laughed out of class. Instead, I want them armed with the best research my limited resources can procure. I want them on par with their non-Christian classmates. I want them to be respected by their science teachers.

And I want them to have a good relationship with me. I don’t want them thinking that I believe in archaic ideologies that don’t mesh with what they learn to be true in class. Now, if I can provide them the best of research, and it turns out that the literal interpretation of Genesis one is plausible, then I’m going to arm them with that and who cares what their teachers think! But more likely, I’m going to realize that the world is a lot older than we want it to be (for convenience of the Bible) and that we all need to take a hard, long look at the research.

That’s all I want you to do. No agendas except to get to the truth. If the truth is that the earth was made in six literal days, then I will work to find a way to debunk evolutionists outright. If, however, six literal days, without the use of a gap theory, is irreconcilable with the scientific record, then so be it. God is powerful enough to handle it.

I think, in the end, it will be a mixture of the two.

But because I’m just an amateur, I will have to work hard on this project and it will take some time. Bear with me. It’s going to be a long ride.

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