Young Earth Creation and Faith

I am not a YEC man myself, but I’m not out to change you if that’s how you believe. This is not paramount to our faith. You and I both believe that God created the world and all that it contains, so whether he did it 6-10 thousand years ago or millions is largely irrelevant. People who tell you otherwise are simply pushing an agenda.

There are those who, in order to defend their understanding of the Bible, will claim that believing in anything other than YEC means you don’t believe in the authority of the Bible and that God created the world. I believe that people say this because they are afraid that accepting the possibility of an old earth means that they agree with evolution. Evolutionary scientists believe in an earth that is billions of years old…so if I believe the earth is old, I must believe in evolution!

This is not necessarily true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

What I believe is that the Hebrew authors of the Bible wrote what God told them to write, and what God told them to write was what our spiritual forefathers needed to know. To my point, God needed them to know that he created everything and that life comes from him. That’s the same message we need to know today. It is a message I acknowledge and defend.

Yet I believe that the generations listed in the Old Testament (or Jewish scriptures) don’t necessarily constitute all of the generations that have existed. Why should they? God needed our forefathers to have a basic understanding of the spiritual timeline. It isn’t important if every generation is listed.

That’s just one example. We’ll go through more of them as time passes. We’re in no hurry to close the impasse between modern science and Genesis.

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