The Heart of the Impasse

by Navy Christian

Evolutionary Science and Creationism appear to be at an impasse. Like most ideologies in America today (such as the race and political divides), the two main sides of science are also standing on opposite sides of a great chasm. While we may end up the same way we started, with the two sides still opposing one another, it is my hope that Christians will be able to learn something from modern science through this research project and the research of many others.

It will never be my desire to give up my faith in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible that describes them and their power. I believe that the triune God created the world. What I also believe is that evolutionary theory may just show us how. By filling in the gaps that Genesis leaves us with, we will increase our learning vastly.

More importantly, we’ll be able to help our children understand what’s really being taught in schools. We’ll create a smarter, better adjusted Christian youth that won’t have to decide between the young earth creation (YEC) they grew up with in the home and the old earth evolution they learned in school and were taught almost exclusively in college.

My children, nearing high school age, will be able to competently present their cases before classmates and teachers. They will be able to articulate what the truth of scripture lays out and what modern evolutionary science does to fill in the gaps.

This is only possible if we can bridge the divide. Evolutionary scientists, by the way, are probably not going to be the ones who do this. They may play a role, and a big one, but most will be unwilling to risk their statuses to do so. And YEC professors at Christian universities will most likely be just as hesitant.

It will be, in the end, parents like you and me who do this, which is why I start. If you want to keep abreast of this idea and receive information through email, please click HERE.