Hostility in the Evolution/Creation Debate

by Navy Christian

I actually thought evolutionists just taught evolution. I thought that we fundamentalists were just rattling sabers when we said that evolutionists are hostile to religion.

I was wrong.

It turns out that evolutionary scientists, or at least several of them, seem very hostile to any other theory besides evolution. I got my head nearly taken off by a chapter in the book Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters, by Donald R. Prothero.

The chapter is called, “Why it matters” and Prothero begins by stating several reasons why creationists are horrible people, including blaming them for why America is falling behind in science and technology and that we are the reason Americans are largely illiterate in the world of science. By the way, Prothero also relates Christian Science with Neo-Nazis who pretend the holocaust didn’t happen.[1] I’m sure he’s a friendly guy though, maybe.

And this is how’s its been since evolution began creeping into the minds of mankind. As soon as it became a viable thought, anyone wanting to have an option other than God in their lives jumped on board. “Materialists, atheists, and radical secularists had long displayed a certain fondness for evolutionary theories of origins such as Lamarckism – anything to dispense with God.”[2]

Yep, easy as that. It’s not poverty, problems in race relations, bad science teachers, or the like…it’s fundamentalists.

He is right though, in a way. As a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (now called Liberty University School of Divinity), I’ve become extremely concerned about several maneuvers by the school. Of course we all know that the founder was known for railing against things that weren’t Christian. Jerry Fallwell was a true Christian fundamentalist. The school has continued in this vein under the leadership of his son. I’ll be forever grateful for that school because it helped me learn how to conduct academic research, but it does represent a very closed-minded approach.

I believe there is also a political agenda in the Young Earth Creation (YEC) community. Not in the mom-and-pop amateur theologian/scientist world, of course, but in the overall community yes. There is a power struggle going on. Just like most issues in America right now, the divide is great in science. You’re either a creationist or an evolutionist. There is no middle ground, and the power struggle is a political nightmare. Our kids, of course, are the losers in this debate.

So let me end this post with a dose of reality: Evolution is not a friend to Creation, and vice-versa. They are two ideologies, theories really, that are at eternal odds to each other. Whether the ideas can be cross-incorporated is yet to be seen, but what I can know for sure is that creationists loathe the idea of evolutionists being right and evolutionists think creationists are keeping America in the dark ages, or at least want to.

And before anyone writes me to say I’m grossly generalizing, let me say this: Pick up a random book on the evolution debate and see if I’m right. Then read through Answers in Genesis or another site in that vein. See if it’s largely the same. Sure, there are plenty of people on both sides who are nice, normal people. It doesn’t take many suicide bombers to spoil the entire community though, does it?

As a father, I want to know why my kids are being taught that man came from apes, when on Sunday (and actually every other day of the week in my house) my kids learn that they came, ultimately, from God’s hand. I don’t want evolution removed from schools, not that it’s even possible at this point, but I do want my kids to have a foundation that let’s them have good, scientific answers for what comes up.

This is the overarching goal of ExamineScience. My desire is to research the best of both sides (and even some of the worse undoubtedly) and start drawing some conclusions.


[1] Prothero, Donald R. Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters. Columbia University Press, 2007. pg 44.

[2] Larson, Edward J. Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory. Modern Library Edition, 2004. pg 135.

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