Can Christians Accept Evolution?

by Navy Christian

Is the theory of evolution plausible for Christians? Before we attempt to go down this particular rabbit trail, some important things must be understood. First, there are actually two types of evolution: micro and macro.

Adaptation is a shorter-term prospect and one that we can readily see in every day life. This represents a microevolution in that it doesn’t have to, or even usually, result in a new species from a previous one. An obvious example is that we know, from the Bible, that God created Adam and Eve, yet we have numerous races, all with advantages and adaptations for their climates and locations. Each ethnicity also, unfortunately, has its own autosomal recessive genetic diseases, which we will discuss in detail over the process of this project.

Natural selection, representing at its grandest concept macroevolution, tends to take much longer. This is the issue that Christians, including myself, have a lot of trouble with. Evolutionary scientists don’t tend to make this process easier either, in that many seem to dismiss religion as the very thing that keeps them from progressing in their theory. One cannot read men like Dawkins and believe that religion has a place in modern science. The battle lines, sadly, are drawn.

At any rate, natural selection (macro) is how Neanderthals died out and humans lived on, according to evolution.[1] This is also how the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. I think dinosaurs are one of the major problem points in the debate between evolution and creation. While there are many things we have to figure out (light from the stars, genetic mutations, etc), dinosaurs are a key sticking point.

This is obviously an expanded issue for future discussion. As we move on, we’ll deal substantially with the issue of the thundering lizards. What we’re working on here is the two major themes in evolution. Microevolution (adaptation) happens, has happened, and is acceptable by Christians. It’s everywhere and our own human ethnicities suggest it. Macroevolution, which explains how one species becomes another in some way, is much more difficult for a Christian to accept and must be wrestled with in greater detail. That is one of the main focuses of ExamineScience.

We will continue to deal with this in the weeks and months (years?) to come. To keep up with the research, click HERE and sign up for email alerts.

[1] Shapiro, Beth. How to Clone a Mammoth. Princeton University Press (April 6, 2015) p6.