A Grand Starting Point

by Navy Christian

Every journey has to start somewhere. Many will want to start at the “beginning.” While I have started conducting a review of literature of the beginning of our time, my energy has been focused on a different, more recent development. That’s a relative term, of course, as I’m still beginning several tens of thousands of years in our past.

As you already know from a previous post, I am curious about the development of cystic fibrosis. As I have a daughter who has the genetic disease, and another daughter who carries the mutation, and as my wife and I also carry the mutation, I feel a special connection to the disease. I also share a connection to the approximately 25 million people in America who carry a mutation and the 30,000 who suffer from its effects.

I could expand that too, to the thousands who suffer from Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell anemia, and a host of other autosomal recessive genetic diseases. We all share two things in common. The diseases are recessive in nature, and they are deadly. They also all have a common beginning in that they were mutations of good genes.

Therefore, while I start with the science of evolution in general in determining how nature speaks God’s creative acts to us, I focus in particular on the thing that matters most to me, my daughter and her disease. If I’m to help my children understand life around them and how their genetic makeup affects who they are, I start here.

I hope you will join me. You may very well be a carrier of the disease even if you don’t suffer from it, or you may carry any number of other genetic mutations. Cystic fibrosis offers an amazing case study into the evolution (micro) of our gene pool. Therefore, over the next several posts, we will be exploring cystic fibrosis before going more generally into the study of evolution.

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