Welcome to the Examine Science Project

by Navy Christian

Thank you for stopping by. I am so grateful you’re here! I started Examine Science Project as a personal research endeavor with the following mission:

1. To help my children understand the differences between what we believe and what they are taught in school, and to see if there is any common ground.
2. To help my children understand the genetics that make them who they are.

Here’s why I got started: My daughter has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects several organs in her body, most notably the lungs and pancreas. As of the most current data available, her life expectancy is 41 years. I want to help my daughter understand what makes her cystic fibrosis so deadly and what we’re doing about it. That has led to several hours of research into the supposed evolutionary history of the disease. I want to know if that history is true. I certainly have my doubts.

Theologically, I am a fairly conservative Christian. I would, at times in my life, describe myself as a fundamentalist. For example, I want creation taught in schools as an alternate to evolution. However, this is no agenda to that end. I have neither the political pull nor the money to make that happen. I leave that task to someone else.

Instead, I want to know if the Genesis One reading of creation is defensible. If it is not, then I have a decision to make. I can accept God’s creative act or the one proposed by evolutionary scientists. But I have to know for myself. I can’t remain blind to the facts and theories and let other people debate it any longer. I hope this is your desire as well.

This is the story of my research and my longing to see my daughter cured. My hope is that you also have a longing to really wrestle with this topic as well. Join me today by subscribing to the list and get updates for the ExamineScience Project. Sign up HERE.